Historically, Primary Flight is the first organization to take an entire art district, roughly 30 blocks by 5 blocks worth of previously occupied industrial factories, and envision the available concrete landscape as an open air museum. In 2007, Primary Flight invited 35 artists to paint on strategically located walls throughout the Wynwood Arts District and Miami Design District, maps were circulated, inviting patrons to experience an art form, known for its secrecy, live in the streets of Miami over a five day period.

The opportunity to ask questions, press palms, and experience these works in motion solidified the success of Primary Flight, allowing it to expand to 80 artists in 2008, 150 artists in 2009, and become a cultural phenomenom by 2010. This spawned a full time exhibition space, Primary Projects, located in the Miami in  the Miami World Center / Downtown Miami, and the success that year powered the project to continued expansion, gracing Miami with some of her largest and most powerful murals to date.

Coming from humble beginnings and a strong work ethic, Primary came to understand that the development of a city, the filtration of its inhabitants, is not just guided by the streets, the signs, and the advertisements, but by the art and design that accompanies every view along the journey. The business model that makes up "Primary", has influenced many mural programs around the globe, inspiring a new age of urban curators to seize the concrete canvases of their city and develop public arts in a way that the world has yet to experience.

Primary is continuously developing new projects, positioning themselves at the center of Miami Art and Culture, expanding outside of their tropical paradise while priding themselves on developing programs that embrace original, thought provoking content year round.

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